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Choosing The Perfect Fiji Resort For You

by / Sunday, 17 April 2016 / Published in Fiji Resorts

So you are planning a Summer Vacation to Fiji. You’ve decided to stay at a resort on an outlying island, (because staying on one of the main islands is about as authentic Fijian as Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World). So how do you choose a resort?

Resorts in Fiji runs spectrum from the ultra luxurious to the budget backpacker. You can stay in a high end resort and live in the lap of luxury in an indulgent villa overlooking private beaches. You can have your own personal island caretaker who will bring you picnics on the beach, arrange for your snorkeling gear, and retrieve a kayak for your afternoon row in the lagoon. You can enjoy 5 star dining under the stars while comparing Rolex’s with the other guests that you didn’t even realize were on the island with. You can share the beaches with families and soon to be new friends. Eat pizza and drink beer between volley ball games. Live, laugh and have an adventure with other adventures that you’ve never met before.

finding-the-perfect-fiji-resortPersonally, I think you should try both vacation styles. Pick one this year, and try the other next year. They are both splendid and uniquely Fijian. There are also resorts that have a little of both. While still having the crowds, and laidback budget atmosphere, some resorts still offer private villas on the side. You may not get the total seclusion you would get on some of the luxury resorts, but you won’t get that hostel vide either. It tends to be a happy median for some.

Turtle Airways, a Fijian seaplane airline that offers resort transfer, day trips, and custom charters, has a cool resort comparison tool that will let you look to see if the resort you are interested in fits the type of vacation you are looking for. We recommend checking it out here.

If you have decided to go for a luxury Fijian vacation, has a great comparison feature that allows you check on things like the resorts exclusivity (is it adults only?), how many people does the resort accommodate, and what types of services and activities are available.

So if you are looking to spend some time this summer in the beautiful South Pacific islands of Fiji, do yourself a favor and do some research on the resorts before you choose which one to stay at. There is nothing worse then going to resort that would be perfect for someone else, but not you, only to find out the resort that would be perfect for you is just on the other side of the lagoon.