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Nadi: A Cultural Hot Spot in Fiji

by / Wednesday, 05 August 2015 / Published in Fiji Activities

Fiji holidays feature a paradise with exotic plants, unusual and diverse wildlife, and water activities of all kinds, inviting white-sand beach, warm waters, comfortable temperatures and friendly hospitality. Fiji serves as a major crossroads of transportation and commerce. It’s located approximately 3,150 km northeast of Sydney, Australia.

Temperatures in Fiji during Easter tend to be moderate, with highs to about 31C during the day and evenings a balmy 21C to 28C, as they are year-round.

Because flights to Fiji have become more numerous, it’s easy to plan a convenient trip. Nadi International airport serves Fiji flights, and is a major connection point for flights to other island countries. Beginning with the cab drivers, visitors receive warm welcomes from local residents.

Spring Events

nadi-fiji-cultural-hotspotFiji celebrates Easter, including Good Friday and Easter Monday. The choir singing in local churches provides an uplifting experience. Ram Naumi, a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Rama also occurs in March or April. The main party occurs at Suva Bay, where worshipers walk into the water and throw flowers. Local events often feature vibrant music — and Fiji’s many cultural influences come through in its music.

Fiji Activities

The remarkably clear waters and spectacular coral reefs of Fiji attract divers from all over the world hence a Cultural Hot Spot in Fiji. It’s renowned for its soft coral. Unless there’s a storm or plankton bloom, the visibility is 30m or more while diving. Many resorts specialize in diving, and independent diving operations offer tanks and equipment for rent. Courses in scuba diving are an enjoyable way for beginning divers to safely explore Fiji’s scenic undersea world. Other water activities include boat tours, kayaking, and sailing. Surfing has a long history in Fiji and offers stunning views because of the turquoise waters’ clarity. Boat trips make the best breakers at offshore reefs accessible. Barrier reef passages offer strong swells.

Cycling gives a convenient means to tour Fiji and bask in the fresh air and exercise so it becomes a Cultural Hot Spot in Fiji. Mountain bikes are a good choice, as the inland areas of the islands tend to be hilly. For those in shape for it, cycling gives you easy, inexpensive access to a self-powered scenic tour, for bird-watching, picnics or general exploration. Bird watching in the rainforests and forest parks of Fiji can be especially gratifying due to the bright plumage of the local birds. Many traditional crafts in Fiji originally incorporated feathers. Some items, such as the hand-woven floor mats, now use bright wool borders instead of feathers.

Fiji Trip Pointers

Fiji-mountainsIt’s best to avoid visiting villages on Sundays. Sundays are generally observed as a day for church and rest. Many businesses are closed on Sunday, and also during lunch on weekdays. Fiji is a family-friendly destination, and some accommodations offer child-minding services. Spring in Fiji can include rain. Lightweight rain gear can keep visitors comfortable in case of showers. The interior highlands of the larger islands tend to be cooler than the coast which makes it a Cultural Hot Spot in Fiji. Checking flight in advance can be a little bit cheaper which will save you a lot.