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Visit Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple in Fiji

by / Tuesday, 27 January 2015 / Published in Fiji Activities, Fiji History

Fiji is a beautiful place that you can visit during your holiday. There are many beautiful places in Fiji. When you visit this place, you are able to see many good tourist attractions that are available in this area. Sri Siva Subramaniya temple is one of the most popular places in Fiji. If you want to experience architectural and cultural diversity in Fiji, you may want to visit this temple. This is the largest Hindu temple in this beautiful country. There are some great things that you can find from this temple. Many tourists want to visit this temple when they arrive at Fiji for their vacation.

When you visit its main temple, you are going to see the statue of deity Murugan. This is the God of war in Hindu religion. You are able to see beautiful statue carved in India. Don’t forget to visit other places that are located in this area. The second part of this complex is called Ganesh temple. This temple has some beautiful decorations that are very attractive for most tourists. You can also visit the third section in this temple called Meenakshi and Shiva temple. You are able to spend the rest of your holiday in this beautiful temple.

Sri-siva-subramaniya-temple-nadi-fijiThis Sri Siva Subramaniya temple is very well-known for its beautiful decorations. There are many intricate statues that are located in this temple. Most statues are made by professional craftsmen from India. You should realize that these statues may represent certain Gods in Hindu religion. These statues have specific weight, height, and also width. The dimension of these statues can represent specific religious meaning. This temple is specially created to have comfortable area for all tourists who want to pray inside this temple. There are many people who spend the whole day for praying in this area.

When you visit this place, you should remember that this is a holistic Hindu shrine. Therefore, you need to pay a respect to this place. You should never do any unnecessary actions when you are visiting this place. This place offers traditional Dravidian architecture that is very attractive for most tourists. This architecture can represent the whole decoration style from India culture thousands of years ago. This design is rarely seen outside India and other nearby countries. Therefore, it can be a perfect opportunity for all tourists to enjoy this beautiful design and style from this temple.

There are many other benefits that are provided by this temple. You can also visit this temple during any certain festivals, such as Karthingai Puja, Thai Pusam, and also Panguni Uthiram Thiru-naal. When these festivals are held in this temple, you are able to see traditional praying activities from all Hindu prayers in Fiji. These festivals are very attractive for all worshipers from all around the world. It is recommended that you wear neat and modest dress when you are visiting this temple. You should avoid taking pictures inside this temple, in order to respect all worshipers inside this area.