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What to Know about Weddings in Fiji These days, increasing numbers of couples opt to combine their wedding and honeymoon and get married in tropical locations such as Fiji. providing that the couple complies with local regulations pertaining to applying for a marriage license and meeting the eligibility requirements to get married, the Fiji wedding

Fiji Wedding Packages – The Ultimate Romantic Wedding Warm sun, white sand beaches, the gentle lapping of waves on the shore… it’s easy to understand the popularity of Fiji weddings. All-inclusive packages are the least stressful and perhaps also the best value option for organizing your Fiji destination wedding. When you book an all-inclusive Fiji

Fiji Beach Wedding

Fiji: The Perfect Wedding on the Beach If you are looking for the right location to hold your wedding, a beautiful Fiji beach wedding may just be the perfect place. The Fiji Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean and consist of over 300 hundred separate islands, with 100 of them being inhibited. This gives

Fiji Islands – Perfect Wedding Destination The Fiji Islands have increasingly become a popular wedding and honeymoon destination over the recent years. Fiji is not just a single island; it is made up of 322 islands, of which only 106 are inhabited. There are many places to visit and things to do and see during

Fiji weddings are a romantic, exotic, and very special way to start your marriage. A Fiji wedding all-inclusive package is definitely the easiest way to organize your dream Fiji wedding. Many of Fiji’s smaller resorts offer a range of packages to suit the needs of every couple. All you have to do is to decide on

Fijians are inhabitants from the island in the Pacific Ocean known as the Republic of Fiji. This Island became independent in 1987 from the hands of the Great Britain which comprised of several ethnic groups originated from Fiji Island. In most cases they share cultural traits besides that they had a right to own resources,

Fiji is a beautiful place that you can visit during your holiday. There are many beautiful places in Fiji. When you visit this place, you are able to see many good tourist attractions that are available in this area. Sri Siva Subramaniya temple is one of the most popular places in Fiji. If you want

A Review of Fiji Museums

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Located in the heart of Thurston Gardens, Fiji museums form part of the Islands rich historical and anthropological collections. With its history dating back to 1904 with a donation by Sir William Alladyce to the Suva Town board. The museums have continuously made collection from the community that date back to over 3,700 years. This

fiji canabibalism

Though it is not going to happen today but still it is true that Fiji had a history of Fiji cannibalism. Exact evidences for cannibalism are not available now, but its existence in the past cannot be denied. Cannibalism was adopted centuries ago by the people who came to this island in the South Pacific